International Education

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Study Abroad Workshops

International Education strives to provide information, recommendations, and best practices to assist our USG schools in offering safe and well-developed study abroad programs. To assist in the development of best practices on each USG campus, International Education offers periodic workshops concerning study abroad.


Health & Safety Advising Series 2023

Workshop 1: Building Your Resources
Building Your Resources

Workshop 2: Preparing For Travel
Preparing For Travel

Workshop 3: Dealing with a Crisis Abroad
Dealing with a Crisis Abroad
Dealing with a Death Abroad

Inclusive Advising Series 2022

Workshop 1: AAMI + Study Abroad Collaboration
Workshop Presentation
Presentation Materials for “Incorporating Virtual Global Learning Experiences on Campus”
Presentation Materials for “UWG’s Puerto Rico Study Away Program: An Example of Collaborative Program Development”
Collaborations Spreadsheet

Workshop 2: Inclusive Advising
Workshop Presentation
Presentation Materials for “Inclusive Practices in Education Abroad by Diversity Abroad”
Presentation Materials for “Building Inclusivity in Study Abroad at Augusta University”
Action Plan Template

African-American Male Initiative & International Education Joint Conference
October 4, 2019

Study Abroad & Financial Aid
October 16, 2018

USG International Education Summer Workshop
July 25, 2017

Best Practices in Study Abroad Risk Management
October 21, 2016