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Study Abroad

Considered a high impact educational practice, study abroad is an important element that should be considered by all USG students. This section of the website provides resources for practitioners who assist students with study abroad.

  • Study Abroad Directory = You can explore the numerous opportunities to participate in Study Abroad through the University System of Georgia colleges and universities using the USG Study Abroad Directory.
  • Study Abroad Handbook = This handbook provides a framework that presents the Board of Regents policies and procedures applicable to study abroad, discusses best practices in the field and recommends points of consideration for the development of a campus’ study abroad programming.
  • Best Practices = To assist in the development of Best Practices on each USG campus, International Education offers periodic workshops and resources concerning study abroad.
  • Resources, Handbooks & Forms = One stop shop for resources, handbooks and forms pertaining to study abroad.
  • Insurance = The University System of Georgia has negotiated a USG insurance policy for all study abroad participants in University System of Georgia study abroad programs.

The USG International Education office is a proud member of Generation Study Abroad and has recently joined Diversity Abroad with the USG African American Male Initiative.

Lastly, the USG International Education office is proud to be a part of CASSIE (Consortium for Analysis of Student Success through International Education). CASSIE is led by the USG in coordination with the Institute of International Education and funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s International and Foreign Language Education Office. CASSIE is a research partnership to study the impact of international education experiences – study abroad, taking a foreign language, Title VI program participation–on student success outcomes. More information here: