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  • USG institutions - Discover the University System of Georgia’s 26 colleges and universities and the array of programs, degrees, and opportunities they offer.
  • Undergraduate & Graduate Programs - Search more than 2400 associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree programs of study available at Georgia’s 35 public institutions.
  • ESL Programs - Select a program of study that fits your unique needs by reviewing English as a Second Language (ESL) programs offered by USG institutions.

How to Apply

Admissions Requirements - Find out what is required in order to study at colleges and universities in the University System of Georgia.
USG Admissions Sites - Access the campus admissions sites for USG institutions.

Testing Information - Find out about tests needed to gain admission to certain USG institutions and programs of study.

Financial Aid Resources

These links provide useful information about potential sources of financial aid including scholarships, grants and international student loan programs:

Why Georgia?

Find out why Georgia is the best destination to complete your program of study in the United States.