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Retiree Benefits

2020 Open Enrollment for Retirees

2020 Open Enrollment begins Monday, October 28 and ends Friday, November 8, 2019. Please note that this is an active open enrollment for retirees and/or their dependents enrolled in a USG healthcare plan.

Action Needed: Make Required Certification

If you are enrolled in a healthcare plan in 2020, you’ll need to certify Tobacco Use Status for yourself and your covered dependents (age 18 and older), by calling or logging into OneUSG Connect - Benefits.

  • $100/month surcharge will apply to any retiree or covered dependent (age 18 and older) enrolled in a USG healthcare plan who doesn’t certify during open enrollment or certifies as a tobacco user.
  • If you or your spouse is enrolled in the Aon Retiree Health Exchange, respectively, you do not need to complete the tobacco certification.
  • All retirees are exempt from the working spouse surcharge.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call the OneUSG Connect - Benefits call center at 844-587-4236

Medicare Open Enrollment

Contact your Benefits Advisor during Medicare Open Enrollment, October 15–December 7, 2019.

Retiree Healthcare Contribution

For employees hired on or after January 1, 2013, the Employer Contribution for healthcare will be based on years of service with the University System of Georgia. Click below to see a chart of the contributions.

Retiree Healthcare Contribution

Pre-65 Retirees

Pre-65 Retirees that qualify as a USG retiree, will continue their current USG medical, dental, vision and life insurance in retirement. If you have questions about your whether you qualify, then please contact your local HR office.

Remember to enroll in Medicare A & B at least 60-90 days before your 65th birthday to qualify to continue USG healthcare.

For more information, view the 2020 Comparison Guide and USG Retiree Planning Guide.

Medicare-Eligible Retirees

Healthcare Coverage

USG provides healthcare coverage to Medicare-eligible retirees through the Aon Retiree Health Exchange.

Learn More:

USG Life, Dental and Vision Coverage

If you are currently enrolled in USG life, dental or vision coverage, you do not need to take any action in order to continue that coverage.

If you drop coverage under these plans, you cannot re-enroll.

For more information, view the 2020 Comparison Guide.

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