Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

9.6 Housing Operations

9.6.1 Maintenance and Custodial Standards

9.6.2 Live-On Requirements

For sound educational reasons, a President may require students to live on campus upon review and approval by the Chancellor.

9.6.3 Presidents’ Homes

Presidents of research universities will be required to live, without charge, in university housing unless an exception is granted by the Chancellor. There shall be no presidential housing at other institutions.

USG institutions shall be responsible for the repair, upkeep, and routine cleaning of the buildings and grounds of the homes furnished for presidents and for furnishing electricity, gas, water, sewer, disposal, telephone, and internet services. No food, food service, or other personal services shall be provided for the presidents and their families.

Any proposed project for improvement of the buildings and grounds of a President’s home, such that it achieves greater future benefit (as opposed to routine and necessary maintenance that maintains the buildings or grounds at their previous level of service), shall be submitted for review to the University System Office chief facilities officer, who will provide a recommendation to the Chancellor and the Board of Regents. No improvements may be made without approval from the Chancellor and the Board of Regents. Any subsequent changes in the scope of the project or budget shall be similarly submitted for review and approval by the Chancellor and the Board.

9.6.4 Employee Housing

Employees provided with housing by a USG institution shall be charged at a rate that is no less than the approved and published rate charged to students. If the facility is designated for employee housing only, then the rate for the facility shall be competitive with the rates charged for privately owned comparable quarters in the immediate area and shall be charged equally to all employees.

If lodging is provided at no charge or at a discount from the published rate, then the value of the full rent amount or discount shall be treated as additional taxable compensation to the employee. Housing provided to employees who are required to live in campus housing as a condition of employment and in the interest of the institution shall not be deemed a taxable benefit.

9.6.5 Private Housing

No private housing or attendant facilities shall be constructed on USG properties without the expressed written consent of the Board of Regents.

Agreements may be entered into between USG institutions and private housing operators to establish the terms and conditions upon which students are housed in off-campus facilities only with the approval of the Board of Regents and provided that no financial or other restricting obligations, expressed or implied, are made on the part of the institutions or the Board of Regents.

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