Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

9.2 Strategic Capital Planning

9.2.1 Campus Master Planning

Each University System of Georgia (USG) institution shall develop and maintain a master plan for campus development in consultation with the USG chief facilities officer. Institution presidents shall ensure that a current copy of the institution’s master plan is on file at the System Office. The USG chief facilities officer shall periodically inform the Board of institution planning efforts, including campus master planning.

9.2.2 Master Planning Services

Master planning for campus development combines short- and long-range focus; integrates multiple facilities, systems, and functions; and is typically comprehensive in scope. Institutions shall utilize qualified professionals for master planning related activities. In most cases, effective master planning requires the assistance of consultants. Institutions procuring consulting services for master planning related activities shall obtain prior approval from the USG chief facilities officer.

9.2.3 System Capital Plan

The Board of Regents shall periodically adopt a multi-year capital plan upon the recommendation of the Chancellor with the goal of meeting comprehensive system needs within the context of funding availability. Project evaluation is informed by system and institution strategic plans, facility condition and space utilization data, institution master plans, and other factors. The capital plan provides a foundation for the System’s annual State capital budget request.

The USG chief facilities officer shall make periodic requests to institutions to provide new and updated capital plan proposals and related information.

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