Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

3.9 Academic Advisement

Academic advising is an ongoing process across each University System of Georgia (USG) institution to ensure student success from admission to graduation. Each USG institution shall maintain an academic advising framework to develop cognitive and non-cognitive skills in each student that promote a productive academic mindset and result in a clear understanding of educational, professional, and personal goals and a plan to achieve those goals.

The USG Chief Academic Officer shall establish guidelines in the Academic and Student Affairs Handbook related to academic advisement.

3.9.1 Undergraduate Academic Advisement

Each USG institution shall maintain a collaborative framework for undergraduate academic advising that enables each undergraduate student to establish a clear purpose for the student’s college studies by choosing a degree program or one of a small number of affinity groups of disciplines (academic focus areas), and follow a clear course sequence organized into a degree pathway to graduation that is informed by design principles that are aligned with student success and completion.

The academic advising framework shall also include provisions for advising students throughout their undergraduate education, including provisions for monitoring and documenting student progress toward educational goals and providing outreach for students who are at risk of not meeting educational goals.

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