Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

9.4 Capital Project Authorization, Procurement, and Contracting

9.4.1 Authorization by Board of Regents

All new buildings, major renovation, rehabilitation, or other projects, except routine maintenance, involving the campus or buildings of a USG unit using funds from any source shall require authorization by the Board of Regents and shall be implemented in accord with established Board procedures under the direction of the USG chief facilities officer.

The USG chief facilities officer is authorized to act, without prior approval of the Board of Regents, in the authorization of projects on behalf of the Board of Regents, with authority to act for the Board in the authorization of projects that are in accordance with the accepted campus master plan, provided, however, that the authority so delegated shall be for projects that do not exceed the sum of $1,000,000 in initial construction cost.

The USG chief facilities officer may delegate any or all of the above authority, to authorize projects, to individual USG institution presidents based upon an evaluation by the Chancellor or USG chief facilities officer of the ability of an institution to properly administer the delegated authority. Such delegation of authority shall be administered in accordance with Board of Regents policies, procedures and guidelines. Delegated authority may be withdrawn at the discretion of the Chancellor or the USG chief facilities officer (BoR Minutes, August, 2007).

9.4.2 Project Delivery Methods

The Board of Regents shall use appropriate construction delivery methods in accordance with the State Construction Manual and current industry practices. The USG chief facilities officer is responsible for developing related procedures and guidelines.

9.4.3 Emergency and Other Projects Outside the Annual Plan

[ Reserved ]

9.4.4 Professional Services Procurement

Professional consulting services related to new construction, renovation and infrastructure projects, including but not limited to architects, engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, program managers, and facilities planners, shall be procured in accordance with the Building Project Procedures Manual.

9.4.5 Construction Services Procurement


9.4.6 Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

In connection with the development of a new or renovated facility at a USG institution, the cost of the purchase of new essential furniture, fixtures, or equipment required to place the facility in operation shall be included in the total project budget of the facility.

The purchase of instructional, administrative, operational, or maintenance equipment for use in a new facility shall be the responsibility of the USG institution. The Chancellor and his or her staff will support the institution in securing aid that may be available through special or restricted funds included in the total funds of the project other than bond funds to assist in the purchase of such equipment. Purchasing regulations for the procurement of furniture, fixtures, and equipment will be published in the Business Procedures Manual.

9.4.7 Required Reporting

The USG chief facilities officer shall report to the Board of Regents annually about design and construction-related contracting using qualifications-based selections.

9.4.8 Debarment

A design professional, consultant, or contractor may be debarred from performing any work in any capacity for the Board of Regents for up to five years from the date of determination by the Chancellor based on the recommendation by a hearing panel comprised of the USG chief facilities officer or his or her designee and two other members appointed by the USG chief facilities officer. Procedures for debarment shall be published under guidelines and procedures issued by the USG chief facilities officer.

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