Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

6.14 Use of Institutional Facilities and Property

6.14.1 In Political Campaigns

The President of each University System of Georgia (USG) institution may authorize the use of institution facilities for political speeches; however, such use shall be limited to meetings sponsored by recognized organizations of the institution and shall be held only at places designated by the President.

The use of USG materials, supplies, equipment, machinery, or vehicles in political campaigns is forbidden.

6.14.2 By Unaffiliated Outside Parties

An outside party may request permission to use a USG institution facility for an event that is not contrary to the mission of the institution; however, in such instances, the President of the institution shall require the completion of a USG-approved license agreement, including a properly executed indemnification and liability insurance agreement unless said outside party is constitutionally prohibited from doing so.

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