Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

2.5 Presidential Transitions

2.5.1 Resignation or Retirement

A President of a University System of Georgia (USG) institution shall provide the Board of Regents and the Chancellor not less than three months’ notice of his or her intention to resign or retire, unless such notice is waived by the Chancellor.

2.5.2 Re-Appointment Declined

If the Board of Regents declines to reappoint a President, it shall notify the President, through the Chancellor, of such decision immediately following the Board’s action to not reappoint the President. A decision by the Board not to reappoint a President is not subject to appeal

2.5.3 Removal for Cause

The Board of Regents may remove a President for cause at any time. A President removed for cause shall be entitled, upon written request within ten days of receiving notice of the removal, to a statement of charges against him or her, which shall be provided to the President within ten days of the President’s request. After reviewing the statement of charges, a President shall be entitled to a hearing before the Board or a committee thereof under such procedures as the Board may determine. The actions of the Board shall be final.

2.5.4 Educational Leave and Continued Employment

Any person vacating a USG presidency that he/ or she has held for not less than five years may, at the discretion of the Chancellor, be:

  1. Granted 12 months educational leave with pay. Such educational leave may be extended by the Chancellor for an additional 12 months, but in no event shall the educational leave exceed 24 months. Any paid educational leave granted under this policy shall terminate immediately upon acceptance by the leave recipient of full-time employment during the period of leave.
  2. Employed in a professional or administrative position within the USG. Employment beyond the second year, if any, shall be under such terms and conditions as determined by the Chancellor or the employing institution.
  3. Awarded an academic appointment at the rank of professor at a USG institution. Such appointment may, consistent with accreditation requirements and the needs of the institution, include an award of tenure by the Chancellor. Compensation and other terms of employment beyond the second year of appointment shall be as determined by the institution.

Except as otherwise provided in this section, the terms and conditions of such employment in items 2 and 3 above shall comply with Board of Regents’ Policy.

The compensation during any period of leave, employment, or appointment granted under this policy shall be as determined by the Chancellor taking into consideration the base salary and other compensation of the outgoing President prior to his or her vacating the presidency.

Nothing in this section shall prohibit any cooperative organization of the USG from supplementing the compensation of a former President during any period of leave, employment, or appointment granted under this section subject to approval of said compensation by the Chancellor.

Nothing contained in this section shall govern any terms or conditions of educational leave or employment beyond two years from the date a person leaves the presidency of a USG institution.

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