Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

7.8 Insurance

7.8.1 Property Insurance

All USG institutions shall participate in the self-insured State Insurance Plan, a section within the Fiscal Division of the Department of Administrative Services, to the fullest extent possible. For lines of insurance not available under the self-insured plan, USG institutions shall purchase additional coverages only when authorization to do so has been secured in advance from the State Insurance Plan.

7.8.2 Liability Insurance Automotive

Vehicles titled to the Board of Regents or vehicles on long-term lease arrangements and the drivers of those vehicles shall be insured by the State Insurance Plan. Professional Liability

The Board of Regents shall establish or participate in a program of self-insurance whereby employees of the Board, as defined by the self-insurance plan adopted by the Board, are insured against losses incurred in and arising out of, or in the course of, their employment. USG institutions shall bear the cost of the program as determined by the Board. Cyber Insurance

The Board of Regents shall establish or participate in a program of cyber insurance administered by the University System Office (USO) whereby the USO, all USG institutions, the Georgia Public Library Service, and the Georgia Archives are insured against financial loss sustained from not less than cybercrime, privacy and security liability, regulatory liability, payment card industry liability, multimedia liability, business income loss, digital asset restoration, investigation costs and crisis management expenses.

7.8.3 Fidelity Bond

A blanket position fidelity bond shall cover all employees in an amount which shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Regents. This bond shall be purchased through the State Insurance Program with the cost distributed to the various USG institutions. This coverage shall indemnify the Board of Regents from any loss it suffers from all acts of its employees that can be described as anything other than the full and faithful performance of the employee’s duty to the employer.

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