Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

9.5 Capital Program Procurement

Purchasing regulations will be published and distributed periodically to the various operating units in Section 3.0, Purchasing and Contracts, of the Business Procedures Manual.

9.5.1 Project Delivery

The Board of Regents shall use appropriate construction delivery methods in accord with current industry practices and under procedures and guidelines developed by the USG chief facilities officer (BoR Minutes, August, 2007).

9.5.2 Professional Services

When any USG institution requires professional advice in laying out long-range plans for campus and plant development, the USG chief facilities officer may authorize the employment of a competent professional to gather necessary information and render needed services. The USG chief facilities officer shall inform the Board periodically of the progress of institution planning efforts (BoR Minutes, May 1995).

Facilities-related consultants, including but not limited to architects, engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, program managers, and facilities planners, shall be procured in accordance with Board of Regents procedures (BoR Minutes, September 1997).

9.5.3 Construction Services

[ Reserved ]

9.5.4 Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

In connection with the development of a new facility at a USG institution, the cost of the purchase of essential furniture required to place the facility in operation shall be included in the total project budget of the facility. Such furniture shall be that required in addition to existing furniture that is suitable for moving into the new facility.

The purchase of instructional, administrative, operational, or maintenance equipment for use in a new facility shall be the responsibility of the institution. The Chancellor and his/her staff will cooperate with and assist the institution in securing whatever assistance in the purchase of equipment that may be available through special or restricted funds included in the total funds of the project other than bond funds (BoR Minutes, 1950-51, p. 199; 1950, p. 415; 1951-52, p. 10; 1952-53, pp. 4-5).

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