Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

6.16 Emergency Planning and Preparedness

Emergency preparedness and planning activities are essential for maintaining the safety and security of the campus environment at each University System of Georgia (USG) institution. Each USG institution shall develop and maintain an emergency action/response plan to guide the institution in responding to public health, natural, and man-made hazards with the goal of mitigating risks to staff, students, faculty, and property. Each institution shall provide an updated copy of their emergency action/response plan to the USG Chief of Police or his or her designee upon request.

Each USG institution shall designate an individual as a representative to coordinate emergency preparedness and planning activities, share information with the University System Office, and coordinate with the USG’s emergency preparedness and planning activities. The institution shall provide the individual’s name, title, and contact information to the USG Chief of Police.

The USG Chief of Police shall periodically update the Board of Regents on emergency planning and preparedness activities.

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