Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

5.3 Economic Development

The Board of Regents finds that the USG and its institutions have a major role in the current and long-term health of the state’s economy, in that the USG produces much of the talent and technology required to advance and expand Georgia’s economic base. The Board’s goal is to develop sustainable intellectual resources through market-driven partnerships between education, business, and government.

The Chancellor shall develop a comprehensive program that organizes and communicates the close relationship between the USG and the economy of Georgia, and that develops and implements programs linking the USG’s intellectual resources to the state’s business community in innovative ways.

Examples of programs that should be supported include:

  1. Education programs for knowledge workers in high-demand yet low-supply fields;
  2. Research-driven economic development resulting in lab-to-market enterprises; and,
  3. Development of engineering, scientific, and social service applications.

(BoR Minutes, October 2002)

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