Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

7.9 Contracts

Contract regulations will be published and distributed periodically to the various operating units in Section 3.0, Purchasing and Contracts, of the Business Procedures Manual.

7.9.1 Contracting Authority

Except for the contracts that are reserved to the Board or Chancellor by this Policy Manual, all contracts necessary for the daily operation of the institution and all contracts for goods and services not regulated by the Georgia Department of Administrative Services can be executed by the head of each institution or his/her designee. This limited delegation of contracting authority to the executive head of each institution or his/her designee is in addition to all other delegations contained in this Policy Manual.

7.9.2 Construction Contracts

Unless otherwise provided by these policies, major construction contracts entered into by the Board of Regents shall require prior approval by the Board.

Construction contracts that involve expenditures of $25,000 or more shall require certification by the contractor that a drug-free workplace is provided to the contractor’s and subcontractor’s employees in accordance with laws of the State of Georgia. All such construction contracts shall contain a certification that the contractor will not engage in the unlawful manufacture, sale, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of a controlled substance or marijuana during the performance of the contract (BoR Minutes, 1989-90, p. 387).

7.9.3 Contracts with Veterans Administration

USG institution presidents and/or the Treasurer of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia shall negotiate, execute, and sign in the name of the Regents, all contracts between USG institutions and the Veterans Administration or other agencies of the United States Government with respect to education and training, vocational rehabilitation, advisement, and guidance of veterans and otherwise under the provisions of Public Laws 16 and 346, 78th Congress, as amended, and subsequent laws passed by the Congress providing for education and training of veterans.

It is understood that the institution covered by such contracts shall submit to the Veterans Administration or other agencies of the United States Government vouchers for services rendered under the provisions of the contract in the name of the institution concerned. Such vouchers will be certified by an official of the institution. Checks drawn on the Treasury of the United States of America in payment of such services shall be made payable to the institution concerned and mailed directly to the institution (BoR Minutes, 1948-49, pp. 301-02).

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