Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

12.8 Campus Security and Police

The Board of Regents recognizes it is essential to maintain the safety and security of the campus environment. Each USG institution has the responsibility to employ security and police policies, standards, and practices to minimize the risk of disruption to the campus community.

12.8.1 Institution Police Departments

Each institution shall establish and maintain a department responsible for providing patrol, investigative, communication, administrative, and campus community outreach services, and shall designate an individual to serve as the director of public safety or chief of police. The director or chief of police will be assigned the management responsibility and authority for conducting and coordinating security and police services. The director of public safety or chief of police shall consult with the USG chief of police on major organizational policies and procedures.

12.8.2 USG Chief of Police

The USG chief of police shall serve as a liaison to the Board of Regents on security and police service matters. The USG chief shall maintain guidelines that all USG institutions should consider in the development and implementation of security and police services.

12.8.3 Chief of Police Certification Requirements

Each director or chief of police at an institution shall be certified in accordance with the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST) rules and regulations. Prior to employment, candidates for director or chief of police positions must meet the requirements for entry into the state mandated police academy and eligibility to obtain POST certification within 12 months of employment. Any changes in the individual’s name, title, certification status and contact information will be provided to the USG chief of police.

12.8.4 Chief of Police Reporting Requirements

Each director or chief of police at an institution shall have a direct reporting relationship to a vice president or above of that institution. The president of each institution will determine the reporting relationship.

12.8.5 Personnel Actions: Chief of Police

The vice president or president of each institution shall consult with the USG chief on significant personnel actions involving the director of public safety or chief of police to include appointment, qualifications for the position, and termination.

12.8.6 Notification Requirements

Each institution shall notify the USG chief of police, or designee, upon receipt of any reports of significant crimes or threats reported to or known by the institution, and of any potential or actual events that may disrupt the operations of the campus community.

12.8.7 Police Department Assessment Program

The USG chief of police is responsible for the administration of a recurring program to assess USG departments responsible for providing security and polices services.

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