Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

The Chancellor and his/her designee are authorized to give to the public and representatives of the press and of radio and television stations information pertaining to the Board of Regents and the USG (BoR Minutes, 1936-37, p. 34).

10.2.1 The System Supplement

The official publication of the Board of Regents shall be THE SYSTEM SUPPLEMENT, and it shall be published monthly in the office of the Board of Regents.

10.2.2 Institutional Publications

All publications, including bulletins, annuals, magazines, etc., published either by students, faculties, or staffs of any USG institution shall be published only under proper supervision and authority of the president of the institution. All financial contracts pertaining to such publications shall be approved by the president or his/her designated representative.

10.2.3 Publishing Notices of Charges

All catalogues, college bulletins, or other publications issued by USG institutions shall contain the following provisions printed in boldface type:

All tuition, fees, or other charges are subject to change at the end of any academic term.

(BoR Minutes 1938-39, p. 384)

Records retention guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Regents to establish consistent records retention practices by USG institutions. The guidelines consist of a list of record types organized into categories, and should be consulted to determine the minimum retention time for a particular type of record.

The University System Office administers the records retention guidelines and is the source for information concerning implementation of the guidelines. The Office of Legal Affairs shall approve all additions to, deletions from, and revisions of the records retention guidelines. (BoR Minutes, Jan. 2017)

Each institution shall appropriately reflect, in its catalogs, catalog-like bulletins, brochures, and other printed materials, and in its other communication functions, the institution’s identity as a USG institution.

Each institution also shall include in its catalogs and catalog-like bulletins, and in other similar publications to the fullest extent feasible, an appropriate statement, accompanied by suitable graphics when such are available, describing the University System of Georgia and identifying the classifications, names, and locations of all the institutions thereof (BoR Minutes, May 1981).

As part of its broader mission and in support of the health and safety of the citizens of Georgia, the Board of Regents maintains personal healthcare information about its students, employees, patients, and others. The Board, its officers, and its employees are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of this information. The Board fully supports and complies with all federal and state statutes and rules regulating the use, maintenance, transfer, and disposition of healthcare records and information (BoR Minutes, January 2003).

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