Business Procedures Manual

Fiscal Affairs Division

Section 5 Introduction

(Last Modified on January 23, 2018)

Operations of the University System of Georgia’s employee compensation system(s) must conform to state and federal laws, and to policies of the Board of Regents. Topics in this section have been developed from all of the sources listed above.

The USG Shared Services Center’s (SSC) OneUSG Connect Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) provides detailed procedures, process flows, job aids and other supporting documentation for the OneUSG Connect solution. The SOP is accessible from the SSC’s website.

A Supplement to Section 5.0 provides procedures for USG institutions supported by the SSC utilizing the non-OneUSG Connect solution. These procedures distinguish duties and responsibilities between the SSC and institutions. If a specific procedure is not addressed in the Supplement, these institutions should utilize the guidance provided in this section. This supplement will not be applicable once all institutions have transferred to the OneUSG Connect solution.

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