Business Procedures Manual

Fiscal Affairs Division

21.1 Establishment and Approval

(Last Modified on February 21, 2019)

Every study abroad program established by a University System of Georgia (USG) institution must be approved by the president of the institution, or his/her designee, under the authority delegated to the president by the Chancellor.

Inaugural year approval must consider the following factors:

  • financially self-sustaining budget through a combination of educational and general funds and the Study Abroad Program Charge (see section 21.2)
  • reasonable charges assessed to students based on actual program costs
  • avoidance of duplicate programs within the institution and the USG (See USG Study Abroad Directory for programs search)
  • safety of the location
  • student learning outcomes
  • adherence to class contact hour requirements (See BOR Policy Manual section 3.4.4 )

Annually, institutions must conduct a review of all returning study abroad programs. The annual review must include:

  • a review of the budget to ensure that it remains sufficient to cover the proposed activities and that costs remain reasonable for students
  • a review of fund balances to ensure that funds due to students have been refunded and excessive balances have not accrued (see section 21.2 )
  • verification that the Emergency Reserve Fund has been replenished or maintained (see section 21.2 )
  • a safety and security assessment of the program location and activities

Institutions are to develop and document a procedure for approving programs that remain substantially unchanged from year to year. Annual approvals should remain on file and be made available upon request. Substantial changes to programs (including costs, structure and/or location) will require review and approval by the president or his/her designee before continuing.

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