Business Procedures Manual

Fiscal Affairs Division

17.1 Definition

(Last Modified on November 4, 2010)

An affiliated organization is defined as an organization that operates primarily:

  1. To solicit gifts or donations, or assist a USG institution to solicit gifts and donations, from third parties in the name of the institution or any of its programs.

  2. To solicit grants and contracts, or accepts grants and contracts for research or services to be performed in conjunction with a USG institution, or using the institution’s facilities.

  3. To bill or collect professional fees in the name of, or on behalf of, faculty members of a USG institution who provide services within the scope of their employment by the institution.

  4. To provide services to a USG institution which serve the best interests of that institution.

Normally, affiliated organizations operate as entities with separate legal standing if created under articles of incorporation that distinguish it from the University System of Georgia. Most affiliated organizations also will qualify for tax-exempt status defined by section 501.c.3 of the federal Internal Revenue Service tax code. By Board of Regents policy, an affiliated organization will include officials, faculty or staff of a system institution as ex officio members on its governing board and be designated as an affiliated organization by the Board of Regents, or by the relevant USG institution president.

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