Business Procedures Manual

Fiscal Affairs Division

22.3 Reporting

22.3.1 Reporting Mechanism

(Last Modified on December 29, 2010)

Institutions will report on Federal Stimulus funds on a quarterly basis.

Please note the following:

  1. All institutions must submit the preliminary information by May 20, 2009, including:

    • Amount of stabilization funds;
    • CFDA number;
    • Budget; and,
    • Research, capital, or other funds applied for directly by the institution to the corresponding federal agency.
  2. As a measure of internal controls, the Office of Fiscal Affairs at the University System Office will confirm that the stabilization amounts reported by every institution are in conformity with the authorized allocation by the Board of Regents by reconciling this information with the institution information reported on a quarterly basis*.

    * Note: For institutions using the GeorgiaFIRST model of the PeopleSoft Financials software, the reconciliation will be based on data obtained from the consolidated PeopleSoft Financials database. Institutions not using the GeorgiaFIRST model of the PeopleSoft Financials software must submit a report to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Fiscal Affairs/Accounting & Reporting by the 15th day following the quarter end. Instructions will be provided concerning the content and format of this report.

Additional reporting policies and procedures currently are under development, in concert with the State Accounting Office.

22.3.2 Definitions

(Last Modified on January 10, 2011)

The definitions for Positions Retained and Positions Added and the FTE calculation methodology are as follows.

  1. Positions Retained: The number of existing employees paid with the respective Federal Stimulus funds during the month reported, expressed as FTEs.

  2. Positions Added: The number of new employees paid with the respective Federal Stimulus funds during the month reported, expressed as FTEs. In FY2010, count positions filled that were vacant at the beginning of the fiscal year as positions added.

    • Note: Do not count normal turnover in a position as a position added when it is filled. Report normal turnover as a position retained.
  3. FTE: Full-time equivalents should be calculated for part-time faculty and staff as all hours worked by an employee divided by the total number of hours in a full-time schedule. Full-time faculty and staff should be counted as 1 FTE.

On December 18, 2009, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued updated guidance to simplify the manner in which job estimates are calculated and reported. The guidance also provided that recipients will no longer be required to make a subjective judgment on whether jobs were created or retained as a result of the Recovery Act. Instead, recipients will more easily and objectively report on jobs funded with Recovery Act dollars.

Calculating jobs retained for Federal Stimulus Stabilization Funds
The State Accounting Office (SAO) has developed a standard FTE calculation for stabilization funds based on guidance provided by the Office of Planning and Budget. To ensure consistency across all institutions, Fiscal Affairs at the University System Office (USO) will calculate the FTE for each institution on a quarterly basis.

Number of Jobs Retained for Stabilization Funds =

Fiscal Year 09 + Fiscal Year 10
Stabilization Funds Appropriated
FY 09 + FY 10 Personal Services
funded by State General
X Total Number of Full-Time Positions 4th Quarter
funded by General Funds (Budgeted #) for FY 10

22.3.3 Fiscal Year End Reporting

(Last Modified on January 10, 2011)

Annual Financial Report (AFR): The AFR was amended to report Federal Stimulus revenues separately. Institutions will report Federal Stabilization and Federal Stimulus Grant revenues on separate lines within the Statement of Revenues, Expenses and Changes in Net Assets (SRECNA).

Budget to Actuals Report (BTA): The BTA was amended to report Federal Stimulus revenues and expenditures separately. Institutions will report stabilization funds received from the State under the General Funds section as Federal Stimulus Funds (ARRA) and related expenditures as State Appropriations – Federal Stimulus – Personal Services and State Appropriations – Federal Stimulus – Operating Expenses. All other Federal Stimulus grants will be reported under the Sponsored Projects section as Sponsored Funds – Federal Stimulus.

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