Business Procedures Manual

Fiscal Affairs Division

26.2 Covered Components in the USG HCC

(Last Modified on November 14, 2019)

Covered Components of the USG HCC include any portion of the University System Office (USO) or any USG Institution that:

  • Engage in Covered Functions; or
  • Perform Business Associate activities for another component of USG engaged in covered functions activities.

(Please see definitions of covered functions and business associate in Section 26.1.)

Components of USG that could be engaged in covered functions may include:

  • Medical centers and clinics;
  • Clinical operations that, as individual organizational units, perform covered functions (i.e., engage in covered transactions as health care providers);
  • Student Health/Counseling Centers to the extent they engage in non-exempt covered functions for healthcare services to non-students;
  • Internal Employee Assistance programs that are staffed by USG employees and operated using USG resources;
  • Occupational Health Centers that provide clinical services; and
  • Any other USG entity that engages in covered functions with Protected Health Information.
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