Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

2.8 Compensation of Presidents

(Last Modified on October 10, 2013)

The salaries, taxable income and associated fringe benefits for USG presidents and the Chancellor, as approved annually by the Board of Regents, shall be paid exclusively from state appropriations allocated to each institution. State appropriations shall be used to pay salary, housing allowance, subsistence allowance, auto allowance, relocation expenses and, where applicable, salary supplement, supplemental fringe benefits, deferred compensation, and any other items as approved by the Board. State appropriations will also pay for fringe benefits for presidents that are available to all USG employees. Individuals receiving an auto allowance under a non-accountable plan for taxation purposes are not eligible for mileage reimbursements associated with travel within the home county where the institution is headquartered and are otherwise subject to the provision of the USG’s travel regulations as outlined in the Business Procedures Manual (BoR Minutes, October 2013).

The annual merit salary increase paid from state funds shall be based upon the approved salary, exclusive of any allowance, supplement, or deferred compensation (BoR Minutes, August 2004).

Non-state funds may pay for expenses and allowances such as civic memberships, business-related entertainment, and other expenses associated with the operations of the office of the president but not resulting in taxable income to the president (BoR Minutes, October 2013).

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