Board of Regents Policy Manual

Official Policies of the University System of Georgia

Policy Revisions

Board of Regents Policy Manual revisions beginning September 22, 2009 and forward.

         Date          Revised Section
March 9, 2016 3.3.1 Core Curriculum
4.1.7 Sexual Misconduct Policy (added)
4.6.5 Standards for Institutional Student Conduct Investigation and Disciplinary Proceedings (added) Out-of-State Tuition Waivers Waivers of Mandatory Fees
January 6, 2016 9.7.3 Modular/Temporary Buildings
9.9.2 Acquisition Sale of Property Conveyances for Transportation Improvements Demolition
9.9.4 Easements
9.9.5 Timber Sales
9.10.1 Leasing Authority as Landlord
9.10.2 When to Lease as Landlord
9.10.3 Lease of Residential Facilities
9.10.4 Lease of Research Facilities By Unaffiliated Outside Parties For Personal Use (removed)
9.11.1 Leasing Authority as Tenant
9.11.2 Leasing as Tenant
9.11.3 Reporting of Leases as Tenant
9.12.1 Sustainability, Efficiency, and Effectiveness
November 13, 2015 Definition of a USG Retireee/Eligibility for Retirement
9.12.7 Campus Security and Police (removed)
12.8 Campus Security & Police (added)
October 14, 2015 3.3.1 Core Curriculum
3.3.6 Associate Degrees
July 8, 2015 Definitions Waiver of Fees for “Move on When Ready” Program Partial Waiver of Mandatory Fees (removed)
May 20, 2015 Military Leave with Pay Miscellaneous Leave
March 18, 2015 Out-of-State Tuition Waivers
February 11, 2015 4.6.1 Withdrawal of Recognition of Student Organizations
4.6.4 Alcohol and Drugs on Campus
4.7.1 Student Appeals
4.7.2 Appeals on Other Matters Mandatory Student Fees Elective Fees and Special Charges Waiver of Mandatory Fees Waiver of Mandatory Fees for U.S. Military Reserve and Georgia National Guard Combat Veterans
8.2.21 Employment Appeals Lecturers and Senior Lecturers Georgia Regents University Procedures for Dismissal Suspension for Violation of State or Federal Laws
8.5.2 Layoffs or Terminations
8.6 Application for Discretionary Review (added)
October 14, 2014 3.3.1 Core Curriculum Admission of Transient Students
September 11, 2014 Tuition Agreements with Corporations, Organizations, and Other Legal Entities Lease Rental Agreement Revisions: Refinancing Repair and Replacement Reserves
August 20, 2014 2.4.2 Re-Appointment Declined
3.3.2 Learning Support Programs Grades Approved in Determining the Grade Point Average
3.5.3 Grade Point Average Upon Academic Renewal Freshman Requirements Exceptions to Freshman Admission Requirements for Special Groups of Students Undergraduate Admission Requirements for Transfer Students Non-Traditional Students Admission of Non-Degree Students Research and Regional Universities State Universities Criteria for Tenure
12.5.2 Relationship Between Cooperative Organizations and USG Institutions
April 16, 2014 Tuition Definitions Guaranteed Tuition Plan (removed) Continuing Tuition Rate (removed)
November 13, 2013 2.5.3 Personnel Policies
8.2.23 Amorous Relationships Tenure Requirements Grounds for Removal
October 9, 2013 1.2.4 Fiscal Responsibilities
1.4 Treasurer
2.1 Election of Presidents by the Board
2.2 Procedure for Selection of a President for USG Institutions
2.2.1 All Presidential Searches (removed)
2.2.2 Research Universities (removed)
2.2.3 Regional Universities, State Universities, and Colleges (removed)
2.4.4 Educational Leave and Continued Employment
2.5.4 Agreements
2.8 Compensation of Presidents
7.2.2 Auxiliary Enterprises Revenues and Expenditures Out-of-State Tuition Waivers and Waiver of Mandatory Fees
7.4.1 Naming of Places, Colleges or School (added)
7.7.2 Employee Purchasing
7.11.1 Sale of Institutional Products Establishment of Named Positions
9.1.7 Place Naming (removed)
9.10.5 Presidents’ Homes
9.12.7 Campus Security and Police (added)
August 14, 2013 2.10 Institutional Function and Mission
May 14, 2013 Career State Employees Eligibility for Retirement with Health and Life Benefits
April 16, 2013 Tuition Definitions
March 21, 2013 4.5 Intercollegiate Athletics (added)
4.5.1 Purpose (added)
4.5.2 Board Oversight (added)
4.5.3 Delegation of Authority (added)
4.5.4 Authorization and Approvals (added)
4.5.5 Criteria for Proposal of Athletics Expansion (added)
4.5.6 Monitoring (added)
November 13, 2012 9.8.2 Private Housing
9.8.3 Capital Liability Capacity and Affordability (added)
9.8.4 Capital Liability Reserve Fund (added)
9.8.5 Lease Rental Agreement Revisions: Refinancing (added)
August 8, 2012 7.16 Compliance Policy (added)
7.16.1 Compliance (added)
7.16.2 Objectives (added)
7.16.3 Compliance (added)
7.16.4 Applicability (added)
7.16.5 Implementation (added)
7.16.6 Accountability (added)
8.2.22 University System of Georgia Staff Council (added)
April 17, 2012 3.7 Regents’ Reading and Writing Skills Requirement
3.8.4 Honorary Degrees
March 14, 2012 3.3.5 University System and Technical College System of Georgia Articulation Agreement Associate Degrees, Diplomas & Certificates General Education Course Transfer
3.3.6 Associate Degrees (removed)
January 11, 2012 Tuition and Fee Payment and Deferral Group Health Insurance Group Life Insurance Other Insurance Benefits Continuation Into Retirement
November 9, 2011 Group Health Insurance Group Life Insurance Other Insurance Benefits Continuation Into Retirement
August 10, 2011 8.3.2 Regents’ Professorships Regents’ Researchers
July 19, 2011 Definitions: Out-of-State Tuition
7.5.1 Banking
June 7, 2011 Collaboration Between the USG and the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) Military Service Refunds
8.3.15 Enhancing Teaching And Learning In K-12 Schools And USG Institutions
May 16, 2011 9.1.3 Compliance and Risk Management
9.1.2 Portfolio Management and Utilization (added)
9.1.1 Definitions
8.4 Additional Personnel Policies and Procedures Required Electronic Transfer of Funds
February 10, 2011 13.0 Changes
12.0 Miscellaneous
11.0 Information Technology
7.12 Information Security Policy (removed)
November 12, 2010 Appropriate Use
October 29, 2010 2.10 Institutional Mission (added)
3.3.3 Instruction Offered Externally
4.16 Admission of Persons Not Lawfully Present in the United States (added)
4.3.4 Verification of Lawful Presence (added)
8.3.14 Faculty Development Required Electronic Transfer of Funds
August 18, 2010 7.15 Risk Management Policy
8.2.19 Tuition Assistance Program
7.10.2 Internal Audits Freshman Requirements
June 23, 2010 Non-Tenured Faculty with Academic Ranks of Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor
June 9, 2010 Out-of-State Tuition Waivers
May 12, 2010 Mandatory Student Fees
3.2.4 Faculty Rules and Regulations
April 21, 2010 3.6.3 Comprehensive Academic Program Review
4.7 Appeals
8.2.21 Employment Appeals (added)
March 10, 2010 Academic Professionals
February 9, 2010 Out-of-State Tuition Waivers Military Service Refunds
January 12, 2010 3.7 Regents’ Reading and Writing Skills Requirement
5.4.4 The Georgia Public Library Service
7.2.2 Auxiliary Enterprises Revenues and Expenditures
7.3.2 Student Fees and Special Charges
October 16, 2009 3.3.1 Core Curriculum Special Tuition Assistance Program for Nursing Faculty Vacation/Annual Leave
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