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Business Procedures Manual

4.1 Definitions

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4.1.1 Accountability

ACCOUNTABILITY means employees are responsible for timely and accurate accounting of their travel expenses. All staff will ensure travel is conducted in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

4.1.2 Commercial Transportation

COMMERCIAL TRANSPORTATION means any entity that offers transportation of people or goods to the public for pay.

4.1.3 County or Municipal Excise Tax

COUNTY OR MUNICIPAL EXCISE TAX means the local taxes charged by hotels/motels for lodging, also referred to as the “occupancy tax.” This tax is separate from state sales tax. See Section 4.11 for a link to the Exemption Form For Local Hotel/Motel Excise Tax.

4.1.4 DOAS Vehicles

DOAS VEHICLES means the inter-institutional vehicle motor pool that is operated on behalf of the Department of Administrative Services, Fleet Support Services through Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

4.1.5 Employee Travel Expense Statement

EMPLOYEE TRAVEL EXPENSE STATEMENT means the accounting document used as the basis to reimburse a state employee for travel expenses incurred while on official business. See Section 4.11 for a link to the Employee Travel Expense Statement.

4.1.6 Federal Per Diem Rate

FEDERAL PER DIEM RATE means the maximum reimbursements allowed to federal employees who are on travel status. The available rates only include locations within the continental United States. Separate per diem limits have been established for non-contiguous U.S. and foreign travel.

4.1.7 Headquarters

HEADQUARTERS means the physical, permanent work location assigned to an employee.

4.1.8 High Cost Area

HIGH COST AREA means any area within Georgia for which meal expenses may be reimbursed at a higher amount than the limits otherwise applied to travel within Georgia. Increased per diem allowances are available in certain locations designated as high-cost areas. The high cost areas in Georgia and the current high cost rates for these areas are located on the Meal Allowance Schedule of the SAO Travel website.

4.1.9 Institution

INSTITUTION means any agency, department, board, commission, college, university or other unit of state government that is subject to the Statewide Travel Regulations.

4.1.10 Lodging

LODGING means a hotel, motel, inn, apartment, or similar entity that furnishes lodging to the public for pay.

4.1.11 Miscellaneous Travel Expense

MISCELLANEOUS TRAVEL EXPENSE means a necessary and reasonable expense incurred by a state employee while traveling on official business, other than meals, lodging, mileage, or transportation costs.

4.1.12 Normal Commuting Miles

NORMAL COMMUTING MILES means the miles traveled on a regular basis, usually daily, from an employee’s residence to the location most frequently associated with work performed outside of that residence, generally at the employee’s Headquarters. This should be a standard distance that does not change from one reimbursement request to the next.

4.1.13 Out-of-State Travel

OUT-OF-STATE TRAVEL means travel from a point of origin within Georgia to a point of destination within another state or country. Travel to points just beyond the state border necessary for the accomplishment of in-state business shall not be construed as out-of-state travel for the purpose of these regulations.

4.1.14 Personal Motor Vehicle

PERSONAL MOTOR VEHICLE means a motor vehicle that is owned or leased by the employee for personal use. Personal motor vehicles include automobiles, motorcycles, and aircraft.

4.1.15 Per Diem Allowance

PER DIEM ALLOWANCE refers to the maximum daily food allowance for employees. The amount is not a reimbursement of actual expenses incurred. Receipts are not required for per diem meal amounts.

4.1.16 Point of Departure

POINT OF DEPARTURE means the beginning location used to calculate state-use miles traveled in a personal vehicle. For the normal workweek, the point of departure will be either the employee’s residence or headquarters, whichever is nearer to the destination point. During weekends and holidays, employees should use the actual point of departure to calculate travel mileage.

4.1.17 Travel Advance

TRAVEL ADVANCE means any payment to an employee for travel expenses that will be incurred for a scheduled, future trip.

4.1.18 Travel Advance Authorization Form

TRAVEL ADVANCE AUTHORIZATION FORM means the form used to document approval of cash advances by the institution head, dean, or his/her designee and to document receipt of the cash advance by the employee. See Section 4.11 for a link to the Travel Advance Authorization Form.

4.1.19 Travel Exception

TRAVEL EXCEPTION means written authorization for travel reimbursement of expenses generally not allowed under the Statewide Travel Regulations.

4.1.20 Travel Expenses

TRAVEL EXPENSES means meal, lodging, mileage, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses.

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