Business Procedures Manual

Essential business procedural components for University System of Georgia institutions.

Section 3 Introduction

(Last Modified on December 20, 2010)

The University System of Georgia (USG) operates in a complex purchasing environment. It is governed by laws of the state of Georgia, policies of the Board of Regents, regulations of the state Department of Administrative Services (DOAS), regulations of the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA), and regulations of the Office of Treasury and Fiscal Services (OTFS).

Note: The OTFS governs banking services described in BPM Section 9.0, Banking and Investments.

Rules and regulations for purchasing of all other items as prescribed by DOAS, GTA, and BOR policy are contained in this section. The GTA regulations govern all procurements related to information technology, hardware, software, and consulting services. The state Department of Administrative Services governs all other procurements except as exempted by state law, such as library books, medical equipment and supplies, and perishable items, as noted in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.), sections 50-5-50 through 50-5-81.

Note: The O.C.G.A. is located at

These rules and regulations govern purchases from all funds except Agency funds as noted in Section 7.7.1 of the BoR Policy Manual.

Note: Agency funds are described further in BPM Section 14.0, Agency Funds.

This section provides a brief summary of selective purchasing rules and regulations affecting USG institutions. It is beyond the scope of this document to provide all pertinent information, forms, and procedures about specific purchasing requirements as promulgated by DOAS or GTA. For any requirements or issues not covered in this section, the institution’s procurement office should contact the Department of Administrative Services for guidance. Extensive information about DOAS procurement policy and procedures is available at

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