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Business Procedures Manual

2.1 Account Coding Scheme

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The chart of accounts coding scheme is comprised of the following Account Number Segments.

2.1.1 Fund Group

Fund Group is designated by a 5 digit numeric code. These standard Fund Group codes will be defined in Section 2.2. Institutions may use only the Fund Group Codes defined in this manual.

2.1.2 Function Code

Function Code (PeopleSoft reference Program Code) is designated by a 5 digit numeric code. The Function Code corresponds to functional area as defined by NACUBO. These standard Function Codes will be defined in Section 2.3. Institutions may use only the Function (Program) Codes defined in this manual.

2.1.3 Funding Source Code

Funding Source Code (PeopleSoft reference Classification Code) is designated by a 5 digit numeric code. This classification is used to denote the specific source of funding for both Revenues and Expenditures. These standard Funding Source Codes will be defined later in Section 2.4. Institutions may use only the Funding Source (Classification) Codes defined in this manual, or those published by the University System Office – Budget Department. It should be noted that the requirement for tracking funding source is unique to the State of Georgia and is not a part of NACUBO accounting standards.

2.1.4 Department

Department is designated by a seven digit numeric code. This classification is used to denote the identity of an operating unit or budget unit. The role of Department numbering shall be that of identifying organizational structure. In all instances these digits will be assigned by the institution. There is no attempt within the University System of Georgia to standardize or control department identification.

2.1.5 Project Indicator

Project Indicator (PeopleSoft reference Project ID) is used for the identification of projects, which may be either general or sponsored.*

*Note: The PeopleSoft Financials software allows this chartfield to be up to 10 characters in length.

2.1.6 Account

Account is used for detailed breakdown of types of revenues, expenditures, or balance sheet accounts. Coding for the accounts will be defined in Section 2.7, 2.8, and 2.9. Although most of the codes are standardized, some flexibility is granted the institution for further breakdown where the account code ends in one or more “x” values.

When the account code is depicted in this manual as having one or more “x” values, any numeric digit may be substituted for the “x”.* For example, the Account Code 112xxx Petty Cash may be used as illustrated below:

  • 112000 Petty Cash
  • 112001 Petty Cash – Business Office
  • 112002 Petty Cash – Bookstore
  • 112003 Petty Cash – Plant Operations

* Note 1: The PeopleSoft Financials software defines account codes to a lower level than this manual.

* Note 2: Institutions using the GeorgiaFIRST model of the PeopleSoft Financials software should refer to the Chart of Accounts section on the Documentation page of the GeorgiaFIRST Financials web site for additional information about the Chart of Accounts for the GeorgiaFIRST implementation.

2.1.7 Budget Period

Budget Period is the budget year in which revenues, expenses, and encumbrances originate. Budget period coincides with the State of Georgia fiscal year for budget basis accounting. Note that this is not the same as GAAP basis fiscal year.

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