International Education

Academic Affairs Division

General Admission Requirements

International students wishing to study at one of the USG institutions should carefully review the following information. Some USG institutions have slightly different requirements, so be sure to also review individual institutional policies.

  1. Academic Requirements: International students must demonstrate the required level of academic preparation as evidenced by a certificate, diploma, or other document deemed generally equivalent to U.S. college preparatory studies. Academic documents must be translated to English by a reputable credential evaluator (internal or external to the institution). Please contact the individual institutional admissions offices for detailed information about the academic evaluation process.

  2. English Proficiency Requirement: International students whose first language is not English must also demonstrate English language proficiency. Completion of a test of English language proficiency is required of all applicants. Please refer to the Academic and Student Affairs Handbook Section and for accepted tests and score minimums.

  3. Financial Requirements: International students must provide documentation showing sufficient resources to cover tuition, room and board, health insurance and other living expenses. Contact the USG Admissions Office for specific costs for each institution. Students not able to provide financial documentation cannot attend a USG institution.

  4. Immigration Information: International students are obligated to follow the laws and regulations set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. It may also be useful to review the Guide to U.S. Higher Education provided by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.