Building Project Procedures Manual

Real Estate & Facilities

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A/E & Professional Services Contract Chklist, App. 3 K
Affidavit of the Vice Chancellor for Facilities, App. 7 L
Architectural/Engineering Contract, BOR, App. 3 F
Architectural/Engineering Contract, GSFIC, App. 3 G
Architectural/Engineering Contract Amendment, App. 3 J
Architect's Certification, App. 7 F
Architect's Budget Certificate, GSFIC Projects, App. 6 G
Architect's Budget Certificate BOR Projects, App. 6 F
Articles of Representation Form, App. 7 M
Assignment of Architectural Contract Form, App. 7 K
Authorization of Project, App. 2 B

Bi-Monthly Reporting Form, App. 1 F
Bid Requirements, Public Works Contracts, App. 8 A
Bid Tabulation Form, App. 8 C
Budget Form, App. 3 A
Budget Certificate, See Architect's Budget Certificate
Building Areas, Criteria for Classifying, App. 7 C

Capital Request, Consolidated, App. 2 C
Certificate of the Architect Form, App. 9 K
Change Order Form, App. 9 C
Change Order Summary, App. 9 B
Cost Management, pg. 6-6
Code Analysis and Life Safety Plan, pg. 6-6
Codes, Memorandum on, App. 5 C
Conceptual Design Submittal Checklist, App. 5 D
Construction Accounting Record, App. 9 A
Construction Contract Checklist, App. 8 F
Construction Documents, 100%, Checklist, App. 7 G
Construction Documents, Final, Checklist, App. 7 I

Deductive Alternates, pg. 7-5
Delegation, Approval of Invoices, App. 1 D
Design Professional Accounting Record, App. 3 Q

Engineer's Opinion Form (Gas Lines), App. 7 J
Environmental Site Assessments, Criteria for, App. 4 B
Environmental Site Assessments, Combined, App. 6 D

Fire Marshal, pg. 7-5
Final Check List of Utilities, App. 6 C
Final Evaluation Summary Sheet, App. 3 D
Final Payment Procedure, App. 9 E
Finish Materials Sample Board, pg. 7-2
Floodplain Management Coordinator, Chapter 5

G, H
Geotechnical Engineering, Surveying, Testing, App. 4 C
GEPA Forms and Procedure, App. 6 E
Gross Area Form, Space Allocations, Tabulation, App. 7 D
Gross Area Form, Space Allocations, Tabulation, App. 7 E
"Guidelines to Preplanning" Chapter 2, Chapter 4

I, J, K
Invoices for Testing, Surveying, App. 3 P
Invoices for Architects, Engineers, Consultants, App. 3 O
Kick-off meeting, App 3 U

L, M, N
Loose Equipment Selection and Specifications, App. 6 J
Loose Equipment List, pg.7-2
Life Safety Plan Requirements, Chapter 6, pg. 6-7
Master Planning, App. 2 A
MRR Request, See Capital Request - Consolidated

Occupancy Form, Certificate for Partial, App. 9 J
Occupancy Prior to Final Certificate, App. 9 I
Order of Condemnation Before Final Payment, App. 9 G
Order of Condemnation After Final Payment, App. 9 H

Periodical Estimate Approval, App. 9 E
Post-Bid Addendum (GSFIC Projects), App. 9 D
Pre-Interview Site Visit, App. 3 T
Preliminary Design, Program Manager Review, App. 6 I
Preliminary Design Requirements, App. 6 A
Preliminary Design Submittal Checklist, App. 6 H
Professional Liability Insurance Schedule, App. 3 H
Professional Services Contract (PSC), App. 3 E
Professional Services Contract Amendment, App. 3 I
Programming, Guidelines for Building, App. 4 A
Project Budget Form, App. 3 A

Q, R
Record and Approval Form (R&A Form), App. 3 A
Reviews by State Agencies, App. 7 A
Roof Bonds, App. 9 F

Schedule Preparation by Architect, App. 3 M
Schematic Design Submittal Checklist, App. 5 E
Site Memorandum, App. 5 A
Site Visit, See Pre-Interview Site Visit
Specifications, App. 7 B
Statement of Professional Services, App. 3 L
Status Report, Capital and Construction Projects, App. 1 F
Subsurface Soil Investigation, App. 5 H

Title Search Procedure, App. 5 G
Topographical, Utility and Site Conditions, App. 4 D

U, V, W, X, Y, Z
Utilities, Final Check List of, App. 6 C
Utilities Report, Initial, App. 5 B
Warranty and Guaranty of General Contractor, App. 9 L

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