Building Project Procedures Manual

Real Estate & Facilities

Chapter 9: Construction Administration and Project Close-Out: Step by Step Procedures

On GSFIC constructed projects, the Design Professional is under contract to the GSFIC and therefore takes direction from them. On projects not constructed by the GSFIC, the Design Professional serves as the eyes and ears of the Board of Regents. They must lead the team, keep the BOR and the campus informed of the progress of the project, as well as facilitate resolution of any issues that may arise during construction.

The use of change orders is typically not an efficient mechanism for accomplishing construction work and should be avoided whenever possible. In particular, owner/user desired changes during construction are not a prudent use of funds. (User needs should be addressed much earlier in the programming or design development stages of a project.) If changes to the contract are required during construction, standard forms and procedures for change orders must be used. Rigorous review is required to keep the number and order of magnitude of change orders to a minimum. The use of change orders as a percentage of the construction contract will be monitored. Campuses must report change orders for projects on the "Capital & Construction Projects Status Report."

Project close-out requires the contractor, the campus and the design professional to conduct a final inspection punch list and follow-up inspection after the building has been occupied for 10 months.

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