Building Project Procedures Manual

Real Estate & Facilities

Appendix 9E: Periodical Estimate of the Contractor Approval and Payment Procedure

  1. Verify Contractor and Design Professional have reviewed and approved as evidenced by their signature and/or cover letter.
  2. Tally amount earned to date on work sheet and compare to line A on first page of form.
  3. Review "work in place" and "value of stored material".
  4. Check "Change Orders" to date -- do not approve payments for Change Order work unless they have been fully executed and we have copy properly filed.
  5. Verify "Previous Amount Paid" agrees with our records.
  6. Verify any and all corrections are in ink and initialed.
  7. Tally amounts on first page--record payment in Construction File. Sign and date approval on signature pages.
  8. Prepare cover letter for payment in accordance with project funding. (Note any corrections in cover letter and copy--with enclosures--all parties concerned).
  9. Send copy of Estimate with cover letter to BOR.

Final Payment Procedure

Close-out documents required prior to approval. See forms in Article E of the General Conditions

  1. Final Certificate signed by Architect or Engineer
  2. Warranty and Guaranty of General Contractor signed by General Contractor.
  3. Non-Influence Affidavit signed, notarized, date of Contract (Article E-28)
  4. Statutory Affidavit signed, notarized, date of Contract (Article E-28)
  5. 5-year Warranty on roofs (Article E-29 a.)
  6. 5-year Warranty on walls (Article E-29 b.)
  7. 10-year warranty on materials (Article E-29 c.)

Unless a consent of Surety form has been received, the following final paragraph shall be added to the letter approving final payment. Note this is required per the General Conditions of the contract, Article E-25 (c).

"Since this is the final estimate, the check should be made jointly to the bonding company (Name and address of bonding company) and the Contractor. The check should be mailed to the bonding company with a copy of the letter to the Contractor apprising him of the disposition of his money. {Please check with the Contractor regarding an address to send the check since his bonds may have been written locally."

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