Building Project Procedures Manual

Real Estate & Facilities

Chapter 7: Construction Documents: Step by Step Procedures

Based on the approved Preliminary Design Documents, the Design Professional is to prepare Construction Documents consisting primarily of detailed drawings and specifications. The campus and the Design Professional shall have periodic reviews during this phase. The Design Professional is encouraged to consult and meet with any reviewing agencies as deemed necessary by the Design Professional and the Campus to assure that all issues are addressed and all required documents are provided at the 100% and Final Construction Document submittals. Formal review of the Construction Documents shall not occur by any agency until the documents meet the approval of the campus and are determined by the campus and the Design Professional to be 100% complete.

The following is a summary of the submittal and approval process for projects that exceed the delegated authority of the campus:

  • The Design Professional will issue the 100% Construction Documents package to the campus and each reviewing agency. After all comments are received and incorporated, the Design Professional will schedule the 100% Construction Documents Presentation meeting with the BOR Program Manager.
  • After the 100% meeting, the Design Professional will incorporate the review comments and forward the Final Documents to the campus within approximately two weeks after receipt of the comments. Any comments that are in dispute by the Design Professional shall be immediately discussed with the reviewer and the resolution documented by the Design Professional with copies to the reviewer, campus and BOR.
  • The campus will certify approval of the Final Documents and transmit the documents to the BOR Facilities Office within approximately one week from receipt of the Final Documents.
  • For projects not managed by the GSFIC, the BOR Facilities Office will advise the campus and the Design Professional when the project will be issued for solicitation of bids. For projects managed by GSFIC the BOR Facilities Office will transmit the Final Documents to GSFIC for solicitation of bids and construction.

It is the responsibility of the Design Professional to meet the requirements of the approved Preliminary Design, provide the project within the limits of the construction budget, and keep the project on schedule. Any problems that arise that affect the design, budget and/or cost shall be immediately brought to the attention of the campus and the BOR Facilities Office by the Design Professional. With each statement of professional services, the Design Professional shall submit an updated project schedule comparing the present schedule with the original schedule. Any delays shall be clearly indicated and supplemented by the Design

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