Building Project Procedures Manual

Real Estate & Facilities

Chapter 6: Preliminary Design: Step by Step Procedures

The preliminary design of the project will show the development of the project and will provide more detailed plans, a mass model or 3-D drawings, elevations, systems, and cost management. The critical element of maintaining the project budget is important for all involved in the project: the design professional, the campus, user groups, and the BOR Facilities Office.

It is the responsibility of the campus and the Design Professional, during on-going collaboration, to keep the project within the Stated Cost Limitation set forth in the project budget and in the architectural contract. The approved project program must be the guide. It is the responsibility of the Design Professional to advise the campus, user groups, and the BOR if the scope exceeds the project budget. The campus must remember if new spaces are added to the program, then other spaces will have to be removed. However, it is noted that the approved program may not be changed without the approval of the Vice Chancellor for Facilities. Proposed changes impact the project cost and schedule. Time is of the essence.

The design will first be reviewed at a comprehensive review meeting at the campus level. Approval of the preliminary design will be obtained by the Design Professional, as evidenced by the President's signature on the plans. The Design Professional will then present the campus approved documents to the Vice Chancellor for Facilities at the Preliminary Design Presentation meeting in Atlanta.

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