Building Project Procedures Manual

Real Estate & Facilities

Chapter 5: Schematic Design: Step by Step Procedures

The schematic design of the project is the first step in graphically defining the project. After verification of the program approved by the Board of Regents Office of Facilities, the Design Professional is required to develop 3 conceptual design options. The Design Professional will present these options to the campus and the BOR Facilities Office at the Conceptual Design Presentation meeting. The Design Professional will coordinate and schedule the meeting on campus. Items to be discussed will be building siting, context, massing, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, service access, compatibility with the master plan, building materials and systems.

The Design Professional will develop the preferred conceptual design into a final schematic design package which will be presented at the Schematic Design Presentation meeting. The Design Professional will provide the appropriate submittals to the campus for review and approval. The documents will be forwarded from the campus to the BOR Facilities Office for approval.

Campus personnel, including appropriate representatives from the user group, should attend the reviews to provide input to the Design Professional and their consultants. The Design Professional is responsible for recording the list of attendees and meeting minutes.

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