Building Project Procedures Manual

Real Estate & Facilities

Appendix 4 C: Memorandum

Memorandum Regarding Procedure for Procurement of Geotechnical Engineering, Land Surveying and Testing Services

The Architect is responsible for selection of the firms to provide services in the areas of geotechnical engineering, land surveying and testing services required on projects for the University System of Georgia.

A geotechnical engineering report/land survey performed by qualified professionals is of the utmost importance. The geotechnical engineer/surveyor is an integral member of the design team and is responsible to the Architect. The geotechnical/surveying services are to be of sufficient scope to adequately evaluate the site and the subsurface conditions. The facility is to be properly situated, so that the site work and foundation design will be both satisfactory and economical. The intent is that the risk of cost increases due to unforeseen conditions will be minimized.

It is expected that the Architect will select the geotechnical/surveying firm best suited to the project and determine the scope of services appropriate for the project. Procedures require that the Architect secure a quotation of a not-to-exceed fee from the geotechnical surveying firm and that the fee quoted be forwarded to the Board of Regents Facilities Office for authorization. The Architect may at his/her discretion solicit more than a single proposal, however, submission of more than one proposal is not a Board of Regents' requirement.

The Board of Regents Facilities Office authorization of the Architect=s recommendation is necessary so that the Board of Regents may concur with the Architect's selection and may ensure that adequate funds are in the project budget to cover the cost of the services. Selection shall not be based on the lowest price, but rather on qualifications and experience. The Board of Regents recognizes that selection based on price alone may not be in the best interest of the project and may result in increased costs later in the project.

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