Building Project Procedures Manual

Real Estate & Facilities

Appendix 3O: Procedure for Review & Approval by Campus of Invoices for Architects, Engineers and Consultants

  1. Verify proper format has been followed and A/E has signed certification and has included comparative project schedule.
  2. Verify Stated Cost Limitation and Contract amendments claimed.
  3. Do not pay for increased Stated Cost Limitation or amendments until executed.
  4. Do not pay A/E fee on change order. If A/E has substantial amount of work involved in change order, he/she should provide a proposal for extra services.
  5. Verify Extra Services complete.
  6. There should be no reimbursables.
  7. Verify amount previously billed.
  8. Verify any and all corrections are in ink and initialed.
  9. Tally total amount earned and subtract amounts previously billed.
  10. Review project schedule. Discuss delays with Board of Regents as necessary. Do not approve invoice unless schedule is submitted and complete.
  11. Sign and date.
  12. Prepare cover letter for payment to appropriate party for payment in accordance with project funding. (Note any corrections on invoice, in cover letter, and copy -- with enclosures --all parties concerned.)
  13. Send copy of approved invoice and comparative project schedule to Board of Regents Facilities Office.
  14. Record on Design Professional Accounting Record Form.
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