Building Project Procedures Manual

Real Estate & Facilities

Appendix 3M: Memorandum Regarding Project Schedule Preparation by the Architect

The Architect is required to submit a project schedule to the Board of Regents Office of Facilities and the campus in accordance with Article 1 within 14 days of the execution of the contract.

The schedule should be in bar chart format and on an 8.5" x 11" single page. (See attached example). As a minimum, it is suggested the schedule clearly show the following phases and milestones:

Programming (if applicable)
Environmental Site Assessment
Program Review and Approval (if applicable)
Program Verification
Conceptual Design
Conceptual Design Review Meeting
Schematic Design
Schematic Design Review/Approval by Campus
Schematic Design Presentation Meeting
GEPA Checklist
Preliminary Design
Preliminary Design Review/Approval by Campus
Preliminary Design Presentation Meeting
100% CD Design
100% CD Review Meeting and Approval by campus
100% CD Review Presentation Meeting
Final CD Submittal to campus
Final CD Presentation Meeting to BOR
Bidding Phase
Estimated Bid date
Construction Start
Construction Completion

The Board of Regents Facilities Offices and the campus will review and approve the schedule. It will then be monitored for compliance. The architect is required to submit an updated schedule with each invoice submitted. This updated schedule should include a bar indicating the original, approved schedule dates for activities with a bar immediately below indicating the current activity status.

Any deviation from the original approved schedule should be annotated on the schedule page indicating the cause of the deviation and the anticipated duration of the deviation. Any deviations that are considered excessive in any schedule submitted will be brought to the immediate attention of the Vice Chancellor for Facilities. No invoices will be accepted for payment if they are not accompanied by an updated project schedule.

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