Building Project Procedures Manual

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Appendix 3C: Guidelines for Selection of Design Professionals

Review the following criteria in the selection of Architectural/Engineering Consultants:

  1. Experience: Experience is demonstrated by the following:

    1. Previous experience performing projects of a comparable type, size and complexity;
    2. Key project management personnel having experience in successfully completing similar projects;
    3. Team players (consultants) having successfully worked together in the past on similar projects.
  2. Performance: Performance is demonstrated by a history of successfully producing functional and aesthetic projects in a timely and cost effective manner. Evidence of performance is demonstrated by:

    1. Letters of recommendation from satisfied clients
    2. Letters from professional consultants, contractors, and/or manufacturers indicating superior performance
    3. Evidence of being commissioned by a single client to perform additional work
    4. Photographs and other graphic representations of successfully completed projects
    5. Actual performance on past work
    6. Clarity and completeness of the proposal package submitted for this project
  3. Location: It is normally desirable that the architect's office be located near the project. Excessive distance from the project site can be detrimental to the process. Does the firm have an office in the state of Georgia?

  4. Current/Recent Regents' Projects: It is the Regents' desire to distribute work among as many qualified firms as possible.

    1. Firms that report little or no Regents' or Regents' affiliated work in the design or contract document preparation phases may be given a higher rating
    2. If a firm has a currently active Regents' project, consideration in this category may be determined by the size of the active project and the size of the advertised project and progress of current project vs. schedule.
  5. Capacity - Current Workload/Size: This category is used to assess a firm's current capability to produce the advertised project successfully within the anticipated schedule. Consideration in this category is given to firms whose team size and composition match well with the scope and technical requirements of the project and where the need for and capacity to perform the work are demonstrated.

  6. Review of performance on recently completed projects: Evaluate how the firm has performed in the following areas on recent BOR projects:

    1. Programming and design performance
    2. Completeness and timeliness of plans and specifications
    3. Accuracy of pre-construction estimates
    4. Qualifications to determine alternative energy sources and the ability to consider conservation and life-cycle cost analyses
    5. The ability to design within stipulated budgets
    6. Construction administration performance
    7. Design errors and omissions
    8. Budget overruns and change orders
    9. Post-construction performance during the warranty period
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