Building Project Procedures Manual

Real Estate & Facilities

Appendix 2E: Submittal Requirements

Submittal Requirements for Request for Authorization of a New Project (Renovation or New Construction) and Board Agenda Submittal Requirements

  1. Submittal requirements for authorization of new project:
    • Letter from President to Vice Chancellor for Facilities requesting authorization of project.
    • Provide project description and justification. If request is for new construction, provide explanation of why need cannot be addressed in existing facilities.
    • Building Program – See App. 4 A
    • For projects $1,000,000 and over (total cost) submit Project Budget App. 3 A-1
    • For projects under $1,000,000 (total cost) submit Record & Approval Form, App. 3 A-2
    • Identification of funding. List sources of funding amounts required for
      1. Pre-planning, design and construction
      2. Operating costs
      3. Move-in costs
    • Provide schedule for project design and construction. Identify constraints and move in date.
    • Location map.
    • Any information a prudent person would consider to be relevant or important to understanding the project.
  2. Additional Information for Board Agenda Items:
    • Campus must submit appropriate design or construction information in the above format to the BOR Office of Facilities by the first day of the month preceding the month of the Board meeting.
    • Campus agenda representative should contact the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities, Real Estate and Administration or the assigned campus Program Manager for a current submittal checklist and a sample write-up of the action item.
    • Program Manager will work with campus to ensure all documentation is submitted and questions are resolved.
    • Program Manager will advise the campus if the item is put on the agenda.
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