Academic & Student Affairs Handbook

Procedural guide for implementing BoR policies related to Academic Affairs

Samples for Section 4, Academic Personnel

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4.1 Convert an Individual in a Tenure Track Position to a Non-tenure Track Position Download
4.2 Description, Sample Faculty Compliance Statement Download

Faculty Contract Forms for all Institutions Except Georgia Gwinnett College

  • Fiscal Year Non-tenured/Track contract
  • Fiscal Year Tenured/Track Contract
  • Academic Year Non-tenured/Track
  • Academic Year Tenured/Track Contract
  • Contract for faculty ranked administrators

Contracts for Employees at Georgia Gwinnett College

  • Academic Year Contract
  • Fiscal Year Contract

Contract for Tenured Personnel Holding Joint Employment at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center-Augusta and the Medical College of Georgia


Sample Letters for Non-Renewal of Contracts of Non-tenured Faculty

  • President’s authorization for designated representative to notify non-tenured faculty of nonrenewal
  • President’s designated representative’s letter to non-tenured faculty to notify of nonrenewal
  • President’s letter to the non-tenured faculty notifying of nonrenewal
4.10 USG Contract Addendum for Temporary Overload Compensation Download
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