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2.17 Acceptance of Core Coursework and Placement Test Scores from TCSG Colleges

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Revised: 9/24/2014

According to a January 2012 agreement between the USG and the TCSG known as the “Complete College Georgia Articulation Agreement,” the courses listed in the chart below will transfer between USG and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)-accredited TCSG institutions, and comparable placement and exit test results are honored between systems.

TCSG USG Course Transfer Chart

Following are guidelines for implementation of the policy.

The Complete College Georgia articulation agreement is based on the principles of serving student needs, avoiding duplication of mission, using state resources efficiently, and expanding opportunities for post-secondary attainment in Georgia.

  1. USG institutions may create more expansive agreements with a local TCSG institution. This information should be published on the institutional website.
  2. USG institutions must notify BOR Office of Academic Affairs as soon as possible when discussions begin about potential AS degree articulation agreements with a TCSG institution AND before entering into an AS degree articulation with a TCSG institution. TCSG has agreed that AS degrees will be limited in number and meet the following criteria:
    1. Focused on specific career opportunities associated with a specific local community, i.e. AS in Logistics Management by Savannah Technical College with Georgia Southern University.
    2. Initiated in regions of the state where the proposed degree is not currently offered by a USG institution therefore avoiding unnecessary duplication.
    3. If a USG institution does have the program, consideration of necessary v. unnecessary duplication will be predicated on the capacity and willingness of the USG institution to offer the degree in the area.
  3. TCSG institutions will not offer AA degrees. These procedures shall apply to all TCSG degrees with one exception, Nursing.

  4. USG institutions must notify BOR Office of Academic Affairs prior to establishing expansive articulation agreements that include all TCSG institutions.

This transfer agreement is effective for those students from SACSCOC-accredited TCSG institutions:

  • who enrolled in any of the courses on the General Education Transfer Chart in January 2012 or later OR
  • who enrolled in ENG 191 and/or MAT 190 or 191 courses that began in January 2002 or thereafter
  • who meet the minimum requirements for exemption from Learning Support OR
  • who successfully complete and meet the requirements for exit from Learning Support English and/or mathematics beginning January 2002

To be eligible for articulation agreement transfer credit, students must have exempted or completed Learning Support requirements at a TCSG institution. To calculate Math Placement (MPI) and English Placement (EPI) Indices using USG formulae, a CPE-COMPASS-ASSET Linkage table is supplied. Since the formulae for calculating MPI and EPI do not use CPE or ASSET, these scores will have to be converted to equivalent COMPASS scores to calculate the placement indices.

  1. TCSG transfer students meeting USG standard admissions criteria are exempt from Learning Support evaluation (see BoR POLICY MANUAL, Freshman Requirements.)
  2. Students who have taken a COMPASS or ASSET placement test at a SACSCOC-accredited TCSG college and transfer to a USG institution will not be required to take another placement test if they have attended the institution and have the placement scores recorded on the transcript.
  3. USG and TCSG will accept comparable placement scores. See formulae for calculating placement indices in section 2.9.1.
  4. Test scores from non-SACSCOC-accredited TCSG institutions will not be accepted for exemption or exit from Learning Support.
  5. Exit from Learning Support at a SACSCOC-accredited TCSG institution will be honored at all USG institutions. Students who exempt Learning Support but transfer without credit for the core curriculum course may be placed in Learning Support at the receiving institution based on institutional requirements higher than the USG minimum.
  6. The current policy allowing institutions to individually evaluate courses other than the mini-core courses and make decisions about acceptance will continue.

List of SACSCOC - accredited TCSG Institutions

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