Academic & Student Affairs Handbook

Procedural guide for implementing BoR policies related to Academic Affairs

2.16 Academic Credit for Extra-Institutional and Prior Learning

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Institutions that choose to offer credit for military service and International Baccalaureate shall use the following criteria.

Course Credit for Military Experience

Academic Credit
When a student requests academic credit based on experience in the military service, the following procedure is recommended:

  1. Registrar researches the American Council on Education (ACE) Guide to determine the recommendation made by that organization.
  2. Registrar advises appropriate academic department head(s) of ACE recommendation(s).
  3. The appropriate academic officer advises registrar of what credit, if any, is to be granted in that specific discipline. Credit should not be awarded for course/experiences not offered by that academic institution.
  4. Registrar records appropriate credit on official transcript and advises both the student and academic advisor of the credit that has been granted.

Physical Education Credit
The granting of physical education credits should be based upon the following recommendations:

  1. Basic military training should serve as substitutes for Physical Conditioning and Marksmanship for a total of two (2) semester hour credits.
  2. Experience beyond basic military training should be evaluated based upon length and type of activity and the level of accomplishment in the specific activity. For example:
    • A Navy Seal should receive credit for swimming.
    • A Medic should receive credit for first aid.
    • A Military Policeman should receive credit for self defense.
  3. Credit by examination may be offered to students having mastered a specific area of the basic physical education requirement.
  4. If recommendations 1, 2, and 3 are not satisfactory, then the evaluation process will be determined by the appropriate academic office.

Course Credit for International Baccalaureate Courses

USG institutions shall award academic credit for appropriate courses in the USG core curriculum for corresponding IB subject areas in an IB Diploma Program in which the student obtained designated end of course assessment scores.

Both Standard Level (college preparatory) and Higher Level (college comparable) courses will be considered for credit. Higher Level end- of-course assessment scores of four or more and Standard Level scores of five or more suggest that the IB Program work is comparable to a college course.

The course credit schema in the table below will be used system-wide, with allowances made for variable credits in each category to account for labs, and on occasion, for depth of material covered in the IB Program subject area that may be comparable to more than one college level course.

Semester Credit Hours Granted

Score Standard Level Higher Level
4 0 3-4
5 0-4 3-8
6-7 3-8 3-12

The particular courses for which students receive college credit may vary from institution to institution, depending on what courses the institution offers. Determinations of course comparability will be made by the respective departments. Institutions shall, however, attempt to have consistency across the USG on common numbered core courses.

All institutions shall have a widely disseminated policy governing the award of course credits for IB assessments. The policy will apply to both resident and non-resident students.

A student may opt not to accept credits. If a student believes that the assessment of his or her work from standardized examination and subsequent awarding of credits is in error, the student may file an appeal with the appropriate academic department office and request a re-assessment. As with other academic matters, if the issue is not satisfactorily resolved at the department level, the student may then appeal to the dean of the respective school or college, with a final appeal to the vice president for academic affairs, whose decision in the matter will be final.

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