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3.5 Student Financial Aid

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This section provides the common best practice standards, procedures, and guidelines related to student financial aid. Institutions have authority, unless explicitly prohibited by policy, to require additional or higher standards and requirements for specific common best practices, procedures, and guidelines set forth herein.

Institutions seeking exceptions to these best practice standards, procedures, and guidelines must receive written approval from the USG’s Chief Academic Officer and must maintain record of the approval.

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3.5.1 Student Borrowing

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This section establishes the common business practices, procedures, and guidelines to be used related to student borrowing

The purpose for establishment of standard coding related to student borrowing is to align and standardize functional business practices across USG institutions. Aligning and standardizing the business practices surrounding establishment of standard loan borrowing coding will allow for the collection of data related to student borrowing. Additionally, collection of this data will provide a methodology to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with several USG strategic initiatives like “Know More. Borrow Less.”

Specifically, institutions need to ensure that declined and cancelled loans, in addition to loan offers and acceptances, are correctly identified and coded in the Banner Student Information System (SIS).

The USG Office of Student Affairs provides the following common best practice document to financial aid practitioners to assist with the configuration and proper coding of loan related data elements in the SIS.

USG Student Borrowing Common Best Practice

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