Academic & Student Affairs Handbook

Procedural guide for implementing BoR policies related to Academic Affairs

4.4 Award of Tenure

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All criteria and expectations for faculty performance, including the criteria for tenure, should be stated in writing and available in a faculty handbook posted on an institution’s website. Note that the BOR has set minimum criteria for tenure that must be met by all institutions. These minimum criteria, including specific degree requirements, vary across institutional sectors (see BOR policy 8.3.7).

Institutions can set additional standards and requirements above these minimum criteria, but they must be approved by the Board. Any BOR-approved changes to tenure criteria at an institution must be updated annually in the faculty handbook on the institution’s website, and a summary of the changes made must be submitted to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs.

The institutional timeline for the review of faculty for tenure must be completed by early February of a given academic year in order to meet the data entry deadline of the end of February for the annual report to the Board of Regents. A copy of the president’s written notification of the award of tenure to an individual must be forwarded to the University System Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer.

In exceptional cases, an institution president may grant the award of tenure upon initial appointment of a faculty member (see BOR Policy 8.3.7 for conditions necessary to justify the award of tenure on appointment). The Chancellor’s approval is required to award an individual who has not previously held tenure and is being appointed to an administrative position.

Institutions must annually submit the number of tenure appointments awarded in a fiscal year. Reports should include gender and race of all such appointments and must be submitted to the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs by June 30 of each year.

4.4.1 Probationary Credit Toward Tenure

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A maximum of three years probationary credit toward tenure for service at other institutions or service at the rank of Instructor or Lecturer within the institution can be established only at the time of the individual’s initial appointment to or promotion to the rank of Assistant Professor. Individuals serving in part-time, limited term or full-time temporary positions are not eligible for probationary credit toward tenure.

If, due to an error of omission, a request for awarding of probationary credit toward tenure was not made at the time of the initial appointment, the President should consider a request only if it is submitted within the first few months after employment.

Probationary credit toward tenure cannot be established during leaves of absence.

Probationary credit awarded on appointment may be used toward determining an individual’s eligibility for tenure, but the individual is not required to do so.

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