Academic & Student Affairs Handbook

Academics Affairs Division

2.19 Academic Textbooks

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The Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer of the USG shall establish guidelines concerning the designation and sale of textbooks required for coursework.

Educational material is defined as any instruments, devices, software, web content, or copied or published materials used in the classroom, laboratory, on-line courses, or correspondence courses.

All information required for ordering educational materials should be submitted to institutional bookstores. Exceptions can be approved at the departmental level. The institutional bookstore will distribute lists of these educational materials to private competitors. Recommendations to students, as to source for materials, should not list one supplier over another.

  1. There are no restrictions on the adoption of textbooks written by faculty members. Prior to the adoption of a textbook, approval must be obtained from the departmental committee. The existence of such a committee is necessary to prevent any possible conflicts of interest.
  2. No faculty member may charge/collect remuneration for educational materials directly from the students.
  3. If any conflict of interest arises as a result of sales of textbooks or other educational materials, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, in consultation with the Deans Council, Faculty Senate, and Student Government, will appoint a committee to hear the case and advise the Vice President for Academic Affairs on a course of action.
  4. Copyright clearance must be obtained by the issuing department or faculty, where necessary, for compilations to be sold through institutional bookstores. Institutional and System general counsel may insist on this process.
  5. Royalties may not be paid to individual faculty for compilations he/she produces for copy and resale through an institutional bookstore.
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