Academic & Student Affairs Handbook

Academics Affairs Division

2.7 Academic Advisement

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Each institution shall follow these general guidelines in establishing their academic advising program:

  • Each institution shall establish academic advising procedures within the academic units that comprise the college or university.
  • These academic advising procedures shall have baseline minimal uniformity in application and simultaneously be tailored to the specific needs of individual students.
  • Each institution shall establish training sessions associated with academic advising such that faculty advisors are aware of the rules and regulations associated with the core curriculum, academic transfer, student status, and grading policies.
  • Institutions that have advising units outside of academic units will be responsible for keeping abreast of changes in academic curricula and requirements as stipulated by the institution and individual academic units.
  • Student appeals concerning academic advising will follow the institutional appeals process.

2.7.1 Minority Advising Program

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This section has been removed because this program is no longer active.

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