Academic & Student Affairs Handbook

Procedural guide for implementing BoR policies related to Academic Affairs

3.8 Admission of Transient Students

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A transient student is a student who is enrolled in one college or university and takes courses temporarily in another institution with the intention of transferring the course credit back to their home institution. Transient students are approved and admitted for one academic term at a time. Institutions may allow transient students to attend for consecutive terms but a new application and supporting documentation must be submitted for each term. Students seeking transient admission shall submit the following: • A completed application for admission to the institution to which transient admission is requested.
• A permission letter or form from the registrar, department chair, advisor or other appropriate official from the applicant’s home institution. The letter must indicate the student has permission to enroll in the host institution for the term the student is applying.
• Institutions may require transient applicants to submit an application fee. Institutions may set additional requirements for transient admission. Transient applicants must meet the immunization requirements for the institution to which they are applying. Transient admission does not guarantee course availability.

A student who is enrolled in one college or university not currently affiliated with eCore, and who wishes to take online general education course(s) provided through eCore shall receive eCore Transient status at the eCore administrative institution for enrollment in eCore courses only, acknowledging that:
• An eCore Transient student must be in good academic standing not under suspension or exclusion from their home institution.
• eCore Transient students who are eligible for financial assistance (grants, loans, HOPE scholarship, etc.) must make financial assistance arrangements with their “home” institution and will receive such aid through their home institution.

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