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ISEP Basics

ISEP or International Student Exchange Program offers short-term, semester and year-long study abroad options to more than 38 countries and over 100 sites in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the South Pacific. Since the University System of Georgia is a member of ISEP, any student enrolled at a USG institution is eligible to apply to study on and enjoy the benefits of an ISEP program.

With ISEP, You Can…

  1. Pay virtually the same tuition, room and board that you would pay if you stayed home
  2. Immerse yourself in a foreign culture
  3. Take courses in your major
  4. Earn credit toward your degree without getting behind in your studies
  5. Meet students from your host country and all over the world
  6. Improve your language skills

How ISEP Works

USG ISEP participants pay the regular costs of USG housing, meals, tuition and mandatory fees and go abroad leaving a spot for an incoming international student; the international student does the same, providing a spot for an incoming USG student.

USG Students on an ISEP program go abroad individually, not as a part of a study abroad program consisting of American participants. ISEP provides students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for full immersion in the culture and university life of another country.

ISEP participants register as regular students and participate in the same activities as students at the host institution. Except for language and civilization courses designed for international students, the courses that ISEP participants take are the same as those attended by local students.

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Financial Aid Information for ISEP Programs

For 2008-2009, the USG semester ISEP fee is $6,000 to cover room and board and tuition. USG Participants may apply their HOPE and other financial aid to the cost of the program. The ISEP program cost may be less than the cost of spending a semester on the home campus. The only additional costs associated with ISEP are the program application fee, travel costs, health insurance, and incidental expenses. Students may also qualify for ISEP scholarships.

How to Apply

For further information about ISEP contact your Campus Study Abroad office or the USG ISEP Coordinator:

Ms. Whitney Strickler
University System of Georgia ISEP Coordinator
Office of International Programs
Valdosta State University
1500 North Patterson Street
Valdosta, GA 31698
ph: 229-333-7410