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See how easy it is to find the right institution and right program of study in Georgia.

  • USG institutions - Discover the University System of Georgia’s 30 colleges and universities and the array of programs, degrees, and opportunities they offer.
  • Undergraduate & Graduate Programs - Search more than 2400 associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degree programs of study available at Georgia’s 35 public institutions.
  • ESL Programs - Select a program of study that fits your unique needs by reviewing English as a Second Language (ESL) programs offered by USG institutions.

Why Georgia?

Find out why Georgia is the best destination to complete your program of study in the United States.

  • Georgia County Guide - A detailed guide for all 159 municipal divisions of the state of Georgia which provides data on education, government, housing, labor, natural resources, population, transportation, and vital statistics in Georgia
  • Georgia Department of Tourism - Users can find a variety of information, including information to help you find your way around Georgia and access to information on the cities, counties, and regions of Georgia, including maps and other useful information.
  • Georgia State Parks - A guide to activities available in the 63 state parks in Georgia
  • History of the State of Georgia - A brief history of the area now known as the State of Georgia, USA
  • New Georgia Encyclopedia - A source of information on the history, culture, and life of the State of Georgia.