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International Affairs Contacts

Subject Area Contact - hey
World Regional Councils and System Council on International Education (SCIE) Tammy Rosner
Admissions/residency policies
Visa issues, student recruitment, health insurance, hiring policies and procedures, Homeland Security issues, Georgia Institute Leadership Conference (GILC), admissions of Georgia resident Hispanics, non - residents, tuition waivers and recruitment to college
Tammy Rosner
USG J-1 Program Tammy Rosner
Faculty Development
World Regional Council Seminars Abroad, Georgia Consortium on International Studies (GCIS) Symposium, Committee on International Students and Scholars (CISS) Workshops, System Advisory Council (SAC) Workshops, Internationalizing the Campus, International Curriculum Workshops, Faculty & Curriculum Committees and Global Competencies Projects
Tammy Rosner
Degrees, certificates, Study Abroad online catalog and new program proposals Tammy Rosner
Strategic Planning, risk management guidelines, ethics guidelines, International Education website Tammy Rosner
Data Collection, Study Abroad Audit Tammy Rosner
GLOSSARI (Global Learning Outcomes of Students Studying Abroad Research Initiative)

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